Suspended Bridge (Bridges To Prosperity).

Isolation, no matter where you are, effects nearly every aspect of life. Whether it be in your smaller and more desolate communities, or the transportation access needed for healthcare, education and crops.

Bridges to Prosperity(B2P) is a non-profit U.S. based organization that more than just partners with local governments to connect those less fortunate by way of a bridge. The work tirelessly around the clock to help alleviate poverty and isolation between villages and communities, assessing and then building bridges. Lives are lost, crops are destroyed and families are displaced on a daily basis due to the rivers flooding, and…

The NFL — Mother Nature, and the journey to find out how much weather has affected the game of football over the past 50 years.

From the beginning I have always wanted to know how the weather affected the total score in a game of football. As luck would have it, a dataset existed that would give me all the information that I needed. What happens next is where the story begins. I will post a link to the notebook at the end so you are able to read along.

Pima women celebrating after winning a traditional game of field hockey (shinny).

In the U.S., Pima Indians have the highest known rates of diabetes and obesity. This concerned researchers enough to examine the rates of Type 2 diabetes and obesity which lead to one of the oldest and most widely used datasets in the medical field since 1965. The results have provided insight into the role of genetics and the environment in metabolic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.

The women who had diabetes during pregnancy, were more obese and had higher glucose levels, than those women who developed diabetes after pregnancy. …

Aaron Huizenga

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